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The Weltakademie Method

The primary objective of our institution is to support, broaden and perfect your level of understanding in the language of your choice. Our lessons are based on the same strategy with which infants learn languages. Learning quickly, playfully and productively ensures excellent results and a maximum level of success.
We are proud to state that the entire Weltakademie Teaching Team consists of competent, professional and highly qualified native speakers, who have years of teaching experience and pedagogic know-how. They are motivated and possess the necessary expert knowledge to implement our Weltakademie Method.
At Weltakademie, we emphasise the importance of not only learning new contents, but also repeating and practising materials and topics already covered. We do this by using perfectly adjusted learning materials, which support the learning of grammatical structures as well as vocabulary. Participants are encouraged to talk in their chosen language whilst being in a culturally immersive environment from their first day at Weltakademie. Needless to say, our team will always support students through guidance, motivation, correction and positive feedback.

Weltakademie ensures success through the following 5 strategic elements which form the basis of our teaching and learning methodology:


At Weltakademie, speaking a new language from the very beginning is exciting, rewarding and achievable. Through various activities we have recognised that a fast and direct approach is the most efficient way of learning a language, without having to translate it into your mother tongue. This immensely increases the level of linguistic understanding.


Our students immerse themselves in the subject matter. Developing a feel for the language is essential for understanding and practicing it. We consider monotonous repetitive tasks to be neither effective nor sensible. Weltakademie therefore places great value on cultural immersion with our students and systematic familiarisation with the language. In this way, content is internalised faster and can be applied much more easily in everyday use.


The language course builds on already-learnt language elements and combines them with content. Thanks to this method, learning new material takes place intuitively and subconsciously. This is what makes Weltakademie courses effective. Our students not only learn a new language, but also examine the central structures and their uses at the same time.


Weltakademie recognises that the joy of learning a new language is the crucial element in language acquisition. We have therefore developed a teaching method which, unlike older models, enhances students` curiosity. This encourages self-motivation and as a result, learning and understanding a language become fun and effective.


Weltakademie teaching materials, combined with our qualified trainers, form the basis for motivated learning. Constant feedback and personal incentive are crucial for the successful and effective learning of a new language. Our institution trusts and relies on these methods while our students have fun learning and utilising their new language with confidence.

Weltakademie Adults (18 years and over)
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What languages can we offer?
Arabic, Bosnian, Bulgarian, German, English, French, Italian, Croatian, Latin, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish and any other language of your choice.

Classes at Weltakademie
With the help of our language classes, you can learn and perfect your writing and speaking skills in any foreign language or enhance your linguistic proficiency in your mother tongue.

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